Gabe Reasoner


Gabe Reasoner

by Careful Gaze

The guitar work in this song from Aslan and Preston makes my heart soar. This song kind of gives me MCR vibes and I love it.

This song is written about the toxic, legalistic, and commercial sides of religion/Christianity. This is in no way a blanket statement towards every person of faith, but it is a look into how I currently see Megachurches, Televangelists, Book Christians, and essentially any place that talks the talk of being loving and helpful towards humanity, but doesn’t reflect it. This song is not meant to be judgmental of people that are more confident in their set of beliefs and faith than I am, or people that attend church weekly. If you are doing that and you’re not living a life that harms others - that is great.

The premise is Glue is simple - putting together a puzzle of White Jesus while contemplating religion, but being unable to finish or “fix” things because of lack of pieces. You can try to glue something back together to make it permanent or tangible, but without all of the pieces you will never be able to make it 100% whole.

I firmly believe that there is no person inside or outside of the church that has all the answers or is the final authority on morality. Life/belief is complex and can’t be narrowed down to a simple “Yes” or “No” checkbox.

There are churches that do good, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with attending one of those. There are many places, however, that have become large businesses focused on profit and gaining a certain social or economical status. Back in the 90’s and 00’s this would have typically been characterized by people like Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, Joel Osteen. etc. This has now moved to a more modern “hot pastor” look, an example being Stephen Furtick.

These places seemed so concerned with keeping a current image and being “trendy Christians” that they completely miss the point of helping people in need and being loving and accepting of all types. I can go on about this forever and go even deeper, but in an effort to keep from just making this about me specifically, I will just say reach out to me if you want to discuss it more.

Here are, what I believe, are the facts about commercialized religion:

  • It uses spirituality as a front for inexplicable rules / lack of rules and accountability with leadership

  • It is very “white washed” and caters mostly to middle to upper class white families.

  • It is purposefully dodgy of more touchy subjects in an effort to give the appearance of being open and accepting, but once you are on the “inside” you will be judged if you do not meet a specific set of standards.

  • It is more about the look and practice of going to church than actually making a difference.

  • It has gotten the concept of a loving God very wrong.

This song is ultimately a statement that I can’t follow a god that is man-made and portrayed as it is by Commercial Christianity, Megachurhces, Keyboard Warriors, and immoral political leaders. I can’t support a place that is supposed to represent love for others while they borderline attack those they they do not agree with, including battered women. I can’t support a place that promotes more war as a solution to things.

If you can follow that type of god, I just ask that when you hear this song, you take a moment to ask yourself why and how.