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Failing Body 2k

Gabe Reasoner
Failing Body 2k

Failing Body 2k
by Careful Gaze

This is the last song in the “2k” series and the closing of the album. See Burning Treehouse and Sinking Vessel first.

This is the other closest track to being the theme of You Too Will Rest besides Hate Coffin.

We wrote this one about a month or less before we went into the studio. We had a different 11th song that was around from back when I Understand came out and it just didn’t vibe with the rest of the album. Aslan introduced this as a loop that he had created for playing solo, and Preston and I immediately started adding onto it. We jammed this in our practice space and already having the first two parts of the story in mind, I created a third and started singing pieces of the story broken up over the music.

It felt so perfect and I went home and refined the lyrics the next day, and we had our closing track to the album.

In this part of the story, the subject of the story along with the one who attacked their ship crash on an island, and they are the only survivors of the shipwreck. In a completely neutral place where they don’t know anyone / anything about the area they realize they’ll depend on each other for survival.

They explore the island together and talk about what separated them from each other and how now that everything has fallen apart, it no longer matters. They wish that they could’ve come to this conclusion before things went as far as they did.

The subject’s former enemy’s injuries prove to be too great and he ultimately dies after reconciling with the protagonist of the story. The protagonist sends their reconciled enemy’s body to sea, and builds a new shelter on the island with the wreckage of the ship. When the body washes back, the survivor decides to bury their former enemy with the rest of those lost in the shipwreck.

At the end, we are just memories and physical remains. We will all eventually lay to rest and the labels / differences will no longer matter. The more we can stop those differences from ruining our relationships and lives right now in the present, the better. Our country, our WORLD, will be better for it.

Ask yourself , what are you holding onto between you and other people that is keeping you from loving them? Keeping you from being happy? Are you keeping people in your life that are trying to stifle or change you so that you fit into their mold so they feel comfortable loving you?

Eliminate labels, eliminate hatred. Love people while you can, as much as you can. Look past the differences. It’s not about who gets the final word in, who holds the 100% correct set of beliefs because in the end -

You, too, will rest.

Thanks for reading this, thanks for listening, thanks for everything.