Gabe Reasoner


Gabe Reasoner

You Too Will Rest
by Careful Gaze

This is an album about extinguishing hatred.

This is an album about eliminating bigotry and unnecessary judgments / labels.

This is an album about including and loving those different than you.

I wrote this album with the simple concept that despite our appearance, social status, the job we hold, our daily activities, the things we say, and the things we gain in this lifetime - we are all laid to rest. Ultimately we all come to an end. Life goes by so quickly. The more life I experience - the more people I meet that are genuine, kind, loving, and accepting - the less it makes sense to live any sort of lifestyle that would exclude someone for being different than me, if it is not hurting other people.

The tracks on this album have a variety of topics, but all fall under this same mentality. These topics include the struggles of being an artist in the current musical climate, mental health treatment, adolescence / expression, racism / bigotry in daily life, the toxic part of modern church culture, suicide, loss of family / loved ones, and much more.

Burning Treehouse 2k, Sinking Vessel 2k, and Failing Body 2k tell a story of a group of outliers/activists in a future world where there is almost no truth / freedom left. It it’s a metaphorical tale based on current real events - a possibly future reality. In the end, people from completely different mindsets are able to realize that their differences in opinions didn’t matter as much as they thought they did.

This is the overall theme of the album. I thought long and hard about these lyrics and stories. I revised and revised. I added some things while singing them for the final recorded performance when it felt right. It is raw and as uncensored as I could be. It is written and performed with love and good intentions.

We wrote a majority of this album in garages / practice spaces Mid - Late 2018. We recorded it in December and January with Sam Howell of Sunken City Records. We then had it mixed by Roger Camero of Bright Lights (Santa Ana, CA) and mastered by Paul Miner of Buzzbomb Studios (Orange, CA.)

I hope you enjoy this track by track commentary of You Too Will Rest.